Create a Realistic Meeting Experience With Our Smart Video Conferencing Bundles!

Fraser's Smart Video Conferencing Bundles Improve Virtual Meeting Quality

video bundle

With Fraser's New Smart Video Conferencing Bundles, you can create a realistic meeting experience with 4K video and HD quality sound. Our packages include:

  • 4K Video Camera with auto framing and facial detection. The 120-degree field of view allows for presenters to stand and move in their meeting space and utilize visual aids.
  • HD Speakerphone with a six microphone array to provide the clearest audio for your meeting participants. With noise suppression and automatic echo cancellation, audio stays focused on the you and removes distractions.
  • The BYOD Box provides integration for the entire bundle with one USB-C cable. Once set up, you need only plug in their computers and start teaching. The system automatically recognizes all the package components when plugged in, with no extra drivers required. The USB-C cable allows you to charge your laptop while you do the meeting, so no worrying about dying batteries. 

Base packages include the components above. Add-on options include:

  • 32" true color Dell HD monitor, allowing you to see all meeting participants on a larger screen for more high-quality interactions.
  • Sharp Dynabook® laptop with built-in USB-C compatibility out of the box.
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