Since November 23, 2020, all businesses in Pennsylvania are required to conduct temperature screenings of employees prior to entering the workplace at the start of each shift. Employees with elevated temperatures of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher must be sent home.

With LivMote's Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer System, your business can have smart, touchless solution for screening questions as well as temperature and face mask checks. LivMote provides:

  • Precise temperature readings
  • Customizable screening process
  • Self-service - no risk to a person having to take temperatures or manual data recordings
  • Instant alerts and notifications
  • Privacy and security

LivMote also protects clients and visitors to your business by providing the same touchless temperature screening to keep you safe.

If you're still doing temperature scanning with a handheld thermometer, now is the time to automate the process with LivMote. For more info on LivMote, click here.