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The latest statistics on a ransomware attack are truly frightening for businesses!


Did you know:

  • The estimated cost of ransomware attacks on businesses is approximately $20 BILLION. That is nearly double the cost from 2019 of around $11.5 BILLION. That estimated cost is expected to rise to $6 TRILLION in 2021.
  • The average cost for a business to RECOVER from a ransomware attack rose to more than $84,000 in 2020, more than double the average cost in 2019 of around $41,000.

Now, more than ever, your business needs to be prepared for a ransomware attack. The solution is a hybrid, on-site, cloud-based backup solution. This will provide your business with:

  • A total server protection solution
  • Multiple data recovery methods
  • Secure data at rest and in transit
  • Peace of mind from a trusted backup provider
  • A proactive and reactive plan and support team in place
  • Continuous monitoring and capabilities that include ransomware detection and advanced backup verification.

Act NOW to avoid expensive downtime! It's not a matter of if but WHEN a ransomware attack will occur.